The Econo Lodges of America Franchisee Association, Inc. [ELFA] is a self-sustaining organization with more than 36 years of experience representing the interests of its dues-paying members throughout the United States. The goal of the organization is to help each franchisee maximize the value of their property through networking and the sharing of creative ideas as well as time and money saving tips. ELFA offers a forum to share information beneficial to both franchisees and Choice Hotels International which, in turn, will provide the highest possible quality of services to Econo Lodge franchisees and their guests. Membership allows open communications between the franchisee and Econo Lodges of America through regularly scheduled meetings. Participation in the organization and its various committees allows both parties to work to improve the Econo Lodge system.

We also support the implementation of system-wide programs which benefit the membership and will result in the Econo Lodge brand achieving and maintaining a top position in the economy lodging industry. We have fought hard to maintain our independence from the Franchisor, Choice Hotels International. Our boards are made up of volunteer owners, operators, who work tirelessly to protect the interests of Econo Lodge franchisees.

Today, we are just a moment away by phone, fax or e-mail to getting you connected with the information you need, either at the Franchisor or with fellow franchisees who can respond to your questions and or concerns. Please take advantage of the electronic information at your finger tips on and browse through this site either to make comments details on committee activities.

We strive to continue our long history of serving the rights of fellow Econo Lodge franchisees.
Hasu Patel
( President ELFA )
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